Meet Us

Meet Us

What We Love

A globetrotting, elegant couple that enjoys a good celebration, no matter its size. A couple that values family, art and above all great pictures.

Drink it. Spray it. Take lots of pictures of it! The very reason why we started the champs spray trend back in 2014!

Cristina grew up in a flower shop. She loves flowers and gardening and lives for stunning wedding decor.

Cooking, baking, and entertaining! “Martha-ing”. Is that a verb? Cristina especially enjoys developing gluten free, low carb recipes, while Constantin is an enthusiastic recipe tester.

Beautiful cityscapes, the old and the new perfectly blended as one. We adore incorporating the classic Chicago architecture into the images we create for our clients. 

Europe is our favorite! Cristina dreams of photographing a wedding in Ravello, Italy someday. Constantin is obsessed with all things Greek.